Legislation passed for the National Redress Scheme

We are pleased to announce that the Australian Parliament has passed legislation for the National Redress Scheme. This has paved the way for the Scheme to commence as planned on 1 July 2018.

The National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Bill 2018 was passed on 19 June 2018 and received Royal Assent on 22 June 2018.

This significant milestone is the product of the extensive work of support groups, advocates and people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

Applications can be submitted from 1 July 2018 and people can apply online or by paper form.

Where do I get support?

Support services made available as part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse are available to assist people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. Contact details for these support services can be found on the Department of Social Services’ website.

For more information about the National Redress Scheme, see www.dss.gov.au/redress, or contact the National Redress Scheme Information Line on 1800 146 713.

Those who need immediate assistance can contact:

• Lifeline on 13 11 14

• 1800Respect on 1800 737 732

• MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978


BGS made public demands …

Child abuse royal commission: Brisbane Grammar School ex-students demand school acts on sex abuse claims

PHOTO Former students of Brisbane Grammar School who claim they were abused by a former counsellor have requested support and ongoing health care.


Former Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) students who say they were sexually abused by a school counsellor have attempted to hand-deliver a letter to the school’s board requesting immediate action be taken to address failings of the past.

Several of them took the stand last …

(Continued Child abuse royal commission: Brisbane Grammar School ex-students demand school acts on sex abuse claims – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation))

‘Honesty’ & being-honest …

As proven by the differing levels of public & private admissions of guilt, Child-Sexual-Abuse is among the greatest grossly hidden things which should not occur. Many Institutions continue to defend their “leaders”, despite being found guilty. Churches often use their deceptive nature to claim ‘innocence’ under double-meanings & a spiritual power. Some Schools do not want their reputation tarnished, making private settlements to continue unblemished. Sports & Social groups seem most honest, of these wrongful Institutions: still guilty.

Noteworthy CSA Posts : similarities?


In the midnight of black-out curtains

I see that bright light again

though it’s slower this time

spreading across my face

like it wants me to see it

lingering to illumine

but this is not a tunnel to Heaven.

A man’s weight presses down on me

I won’t shift his presence for days

and cries drawn out will remain in my ears

whether fear, pain, horror

it’s clear they are mine

I sound like a child being hurt

with no way out.

That familiar pain in the PFC*

What did they do to me?

*Prefrontal cortex

© 2018 archaeotrauma

The Birth of a Book- The story of a ForgWhy The Impact of Child Abuse otten Australian

Sixty years later my friend courageously gave evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.  Her life has been a battle to recover from the abuse that was perpetrated against her as a child.   Its been an honour to hear and record her story.  Now I just need to find a way so you can hear it too.

Extends Well Into Adulthood

Research finds that child abuse harms mental and physical health in adulthood.

Child abuse, Signs of Hope & Study findings.

The study’s lead author, Abigail Millings of the University of Bristol, commented in a research summary that researchers sought to examine how caregiving plays out in families: “…how one relationship affects another relationship. We wanted to see how romantic relationships between parents might be associated with what kind of parents they are. Our work is the first to look at romantic caregiving and parenting styles at the same time.”

The research found – no surprise – that “a common skill set underpins caregiving across different types of relationships, and for both mothers and fathers. If you can do responsive caregiving, it seems that you can do it across different relationships.”

Millings added, ”It might be the case that practicing being sensitive and responsive — for example, by really listening and by really thinking about the other person’s perspective — to our partners will also help us to improve these skills with our kids.”

National Redress Scheme – National Support Services

Further to the other SM posts, here’s an Online list of National Support Services: (pH #, websites & twitter)

National Support Services:

@BlueKnotOrg 1300 657 380 https://www.blueknot.org.au/

@BraveheartsInc 1800 272 831 http://www.bravehearts.org.au/

@clan_au 1800 008 774 http://www.clan.org.au/

@Child_Wise 1800 991 099 http://www.childwise.org.au/

@CDA39 1800 222 660 or 03 9417 1025 http://www.cyda.org.au/

@HealingOurWay http://healingfoundation.org.au/ (no pH #)

@OntheLineAus 03 9326 1190 http://igff.org.au/

@PWDAustralia 1800 422 015/TTY: 1800 422 016 http://www.pwd.org.au/

@rape_dvservices 1800 211 028 http://www.rape-dvservices.org.au/

@TzedekAustralia 1300 893 335 https://www.tzedek.org.au/

Child Migrant Trust – 1800 040 509 – https://www.childmigrantstrust.com/

In Good Faith Foundation – 03 9326 1190 – http://igff.org.au/

Please contact one of these, if you’re not OK with

@1800RESPECTCall 1800 737 732 or visit www.1800respect.org.au;

@LifelineAust, Call 13 11 14 or visit www.lifeline.org.au.

‘Safety for children first’, should be used everywhere.

@royalcommbbc https://royalcommbbc.blog/

Data retrieved from https://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/contact.

Common Institution comments

Victim told not to report abuse claims

‘Don’t talk to the police, we’ll deal with it. He won’t take the tour again.’

(Commissioner) McClellan he let me know that ‘the teacher you’re here about has been made known to us on a number of occasions before’.”

… alleges the school failed to ensure his safety, failed to maintain procedures for the imposition of discipline and proper protocols for student-staff interactions.

He said he reported the abuse to the school but his account was rejected as “false and dishonest”. Soon afterwards, the officer was dismissed.

The royal commission heard a group of paedophile teachers were abusing children at the school, many of whom have been charged and convicted of child sex offences.

Imagine the floodgates that will open, upon the activation of updated Commonwealth & state laws, along with public access to Private Schools (hidden) data around Australia!

BlueKnot & LivingWell are but 2 Support Groups who offer worthwhile help. Others are listed here on knowmore.

RoyalCommBBC.blog is joining the dots of the moments dealt with by the Institutions Responses into Child Sexual Abuse to Royal Commission.

Facts about Child Sex Abuse (maltreatment)

A child cannot consent to any form of sexual activity, period.

Physical abuse is just one type of child abuse.

– physical

– neglect

– sexual

– emotional

It crosses all racial, economic, and cultural lines. Most abusers are family members or others close to the family. Occasionally strangers who’ve heard of how other dynamics occur. While data differs, Sexual Abuse is often lowest of these 4 readings.