Institutions training ‚Äėresistance‚Äô

As shocking as it is, it is common amongst Institutions to have ‚Äėthe good of the many outweigh the good of the few‚Äô. By this it is meant that the power of numbers having more importance than an individual, counter to the ‚Äėbeliefs‚Äô of many Institutions. Even families may side for their local club/church/gang, over claims of an individual!

While many parents-elders-leaders may disagree at these events, they are in fact what is known in Psychology as ‘Conditioning‘.


National Redress Scheme – National Support Services

Further to the other SM posts, here’s an Online list of National Support Services: (pH #, websites & twitter)

National Support Services:

@BlueKnotOrg 1300 657 380

@BraveheartsInc 1800 272 831

@clan_au 1800 008 774

@Child_Wise 1800 991 099

@CDA39 1800 222 660 or 03 9417 1025

@HealingOurWay (no pH #)

@OntheLineAus 03 9326 1190

@PWDAustralia 1800 422 015/TTY: 1800 422 016

@rape_dvservices 1800 211 028

@TzedekAustralia 1300 893 335

Child Migrant Trust¬†– 1800 040 509¬†–¬†

In Good Faith Foundation –¬†03 9326 1190¬†–¬†

Please contact one of these, if you’re not OK with

@1800RESPECT, Call 1800 737 732 or visit;

@LifelineAust, Call 13 11 14 or visit

‚ÄėSafety for children first‚Äô, should be used everywhere.


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Hell freezes over … ?

In the awaited days before the final report from #caRoyalComm, some of the deepest volleys have been made. Amongst the tidal wave of sexual immorality of the Entertainment Industry, no punches are being pulled with Cardinal Pell (Catholic) & Graeme Russell Lawrence (Anglican) leaders being brought before Australian Courts. Notice a pattern forming here? …


St Stannies an Iceberg’s Tip?

IMG_0595If canning is rated as #ChildSexualAbuse, there may be many more Schools responsible 4 abuses from their staff (the Herald). Following the public revelation that a NSW Catholic School (St Stannies, Bathurst) had begun apologising for Abuses suffered from staff, the Final Report of the Royal Commission of Institution Responses to Child Abuse is awaited in Dec 17. 6 months to go & entire schools are making apologies. Imagine what could be had, with schools covering entire groups of deceptive teachers, covering abuse of the students, paying amounts of ‘hush money’ for families to remain silent, while the entire time not revealing these public truths to incoming students or their families (targets?).

Fairview & BBC

Following my discussions with related Commissioners, Staff & Counsellors, I‚Äôve realised that many of these Perpetrators had been networking at both a Deceptive, Illegal & Perpeated level. Through these moments, they‚Äôve been able to manipulate, coerce, psychologically abuse & so on with their targets and related community. Disappointed Victims feel robbed, when their own family hide behind a ‚Äėnothing wrong has happened‚Äô veil.

Following recent doco on Fairview (WA) by British Child Abuse Investigators & ABC 730 Report pieces, the targeting of vulnerable & low-SES people has been confirmed (BBC Old Boys’ Busaries are immediately brought into question). A deeper Legal concern, may also be mounting: were these ‘academic awards’ granted, as an automated deception of regular, pre-planned CSA Abuse?

Parental (Family) Withdrawal & CSA

As further demonstration of what’s been predicted, my own mother had reacted to my eventual Phone call with them that “(I) had chosen to never speak with them”. Even though I tried to correct her, by reminding them of what I had previously said before my moving into my new Residence: She had earlier agreed that “after I finish a large amount of moving, I’d be able to speak with her”. As further proof that she no longer uses their earlier ‘promise’ to “always use a written diary, as a 3rd-eye POV for (my) history”, I again tried to remind her of this – to which she reacted in denial/tension. It appeared that SKR was (again) ‘pulling the strings’ of EMB’s actions. I even had a chance to discuss `with them that I’d been told by my Legal Staff that I did have oppurtunity to ask NVS & others to vacate my Court Case with SKR. EMB seemed to ignore this. Remainder of call was EMB pausing, not answering & disagreeing. Unsurprisingly, EMB had ended this Phone call – after stating that I didn’t call her anymore!?

Of concern was that EMB recalled portions of other CSA Survivors’ history, yet seemed to remain in complete denial that I had endured any of mine – despite being under their ‘parental adult’ care for all of it.

2017 is looking better

Following various contacts from Students, Family & Staff re: ongoing-care of Child Sexual Abuse situations – 2017 is already starting to be a productive year. Fortunate that Qld Gov have already altered their Compensation Laws, allowing for time restrictions to b e be removed, many of the BBC instances are permissible of claims. Another advantage is the accepted patterns that are being reinforced by GM Cujes (RC Broadcasts, 2016) & other key Staff.