Further details uncovered

After meeting with another CSA Survivor of Buchanan’s behaviours in the 1980’s, more common traits have stood out. Following a similar meet with a CSA Survivor of Secondary abuse, resulting from Buchanan’s initial abuses, there is no wonder that Institutions (Churches, Schools, Teams etc) invest more in silencing this explosive tigers-dragons-mines!

Names of involved staff will soon be posted…



Dubious BBC Staff

GM Cujes – Headmaster (BBC & Trinity)

Graeme Thomson – Headmaster

Alan Bradley – (lover of caning buttocks; S&M?)

(Anthony) Kim Buchanan – Rudd & Hamilton

Michael Golding – Music

Phil Noy – Biology

Peter Overlack – Accounting

Brett Dutton – (?)

Menting, Wilfred (Science)

Bullying victim sues Brisbane Boys’ College for $600k

Bullying victim sues Brisbane Boys’ College for $600k

Aside from frequent mention of $7,000 per Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse from previous Teachers, this Article presents a different result (with further Legal action). From various comments other CSA Survivors have made, often it’s not the money that can make up for things which should never be taken.