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Amongst the growing amount of public acknowledgment, that ‘those foreign cases of #childabuse’ are in fact happening within their own neighbourhood, at their own school, or ‘worst still’ to their own children – it’s understandable that some parent’s concerns won’t be for that safety of their own victimised child, but for themselves to be able to reclaim “wasted monies”. As we now live in a consumerist society, occasionally we hear of broken families, where their sole-concern is in filling their own hip pockets with some of that 💰, as fractures often occur in these horse-or-cart structures. (Experienced Satire)

As examples of some Private/Elite schools in Brisbane who’ve offered out some damages-compensation-(not hush money), here are some examples + links:

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As these were just a handful of examples of how a church-founded country of Australia, can be dealing with immersed control of a tax-free body, whilst still battling for equal rights of colonial-Indigenous after-effects – there are many more layers to unpack!

Rape culture in Australian schools: New Chanel Contos website exposes hundreds of testimonies from sexual assault victims

An explosive new website names hundreds of Australian schools where students say there’s a disturbing problem.

Ben Graham@bengrahamjourno

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March 5, 2021 – 9:25AM


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Chanel Contos speaks with TODAY after her petition to change consent education in schools went viral.

WARNING: Distressing

Thousands of students from across every part of Australia have spoken out about a chilling culture of normalised rape and sexual assault – as pressure grows for systemic change.

Since being overwhelmed by the response to her petition – calling for earlier and more holistic sexual education lessons – Sydneysider Chanel Contos has received more than 4000 testimonies from students in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, the ACT and NSW.

Overnight, she launched a website where the disturbing accounts are beginning to be made public for the first time. 

There are already more than 1500 testimonies on the website – and many of them bear eerie similarities to the vile stories that emerged from Sydney schoolsshortly after the petition first went live.

In many of the freshly-uploaded accounts, students say they were raped while unconscious at parties or woke up to being touched by someone inappropriately.


Many of the new testimonies come from Melbourne schools, where students say there is a similar culture to the chauvinistic club-like mentality reported in some Sydney all-boys schools in the initial testimonies.

One former student at Carey Grammar School said she was 16 and at a party when she smoked her first joint and passed out on a bed.

“I thought I’d be safe as the host went to my school,” she said, recounting the incident in 2012. “Instead he came in and got into bed with me.”

She said the boy then started digitally penetrating her, and wouldn’t stop even though she repeatedly asked him to.

She said a friend of the boy entered the room and “joined in” – before spreading rumours around the school about the victim’s body. 

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The website which shows hundreds of new testimonies was launched overnight.
The website which shows hundreds of new testimonies was launched overnight.

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“When I told my ex boyfriend a few years later he told me I asked for it and shouldn’t have laid down,” she said. “There’s so much wrong to this story.”

In another testimony, a former Firbank Grammar School student said she and her mates were invited to a “massive party of about 500 people” when she was in year 9. 

“It was one of my first experiences drinking a lot and I was vomiting at the back of the party and going in and out of consciousness,” she said. “I don’t remember anything but the next day I found an Instagram picture of me passed out next to my vomit with a guy I don’t know with his hands up my dress.”

She said the St Kevin’s College student’s friends took pictures and posted them online.

“I reported the photo every day for a long time before it was removed and it still terrifies me that lots of people I don’t know have that photo,” she said. “I also don’t know what else was done to me that night because I don’t remember.”


The disturbing accounts are just some of hundreds that have been uploaded overnight, and Ms Contos told that thousands more will be uploaded soon.

“I’m really excited that this is reaching different states because once these stories start coming out in other parts of the country, I think we will see the same response we’ve seen in NSW,” she said. 

“The more people that come forward, the more it will help the cause and it will expose the rape culture in our society.”

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Former Kambala student Chanel Contos started an anonymous online petition to improve sex and consent education in schools across Australia. Picture: Supplied
Former Kambala student Chanel Contos started an anonymous online petition to improve sex and consent education in schools across Australia. Picture: Supplied

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Private Sydney schools in particular were mentioned time and time again in the initial testimonies, and Ms Contos said she was already seeing positive signs that schools and MPs in the city were taking the petition seriously.

She is meeting with several headmasters in the schools mentioned tomorrow as well as Liberal MP for Wentworth Dave Sharma – who has thrown his support behind the campaign.

“As the response to this petition makes clear, we’ve all got to do better in educating our children, at home and in our schools,” Mr Sharma said.


As the pressure grows for systemic change, it’s clear some parents aren’t willing to wait.

Some of those who sent their boys to Sydney private schools mentioned in the petition have spoken out, and some have reportedly sent their children to other schools. 

One father of a year 9 student at Kings School in Parramatta told the Sun-Heraldelite schools cultivated a culture of entitlement and privilege, which he said leads to a lack of “sensitivity” towards others. 

“They teach these kids they’re the best, they’re the chosen ones, they’re going to run Australia, they’re going to conquer the world,” he said. 

The parent said he chose the private school for his son to give him a better chance, but worried he and his wife would struggle to teach the child to be empathetic towards others. has contacted the school for comment.

Member for Wentworth Dave Sharma is meeting with Ms Contos tomorrow. Picture: John Appleyard
Member for Wentworth Dave Sharma is meeting with Ms Contos tomorrow. Picture: John Appleyard


Meanwhile, Melbourne schools mentioned in the new testimonies have expressed their concern.

The body representing some of Melbourne’s most prestigious Catholic schools – including St Kevin’s College, Parade College, St Mary’s College, St Joseph’s College and St Bernard’s College – said the petition had pushed them to take action and signalled they would work with parents to address the issue.

“The powerful testimonies provided by the many young women in the online petition are disturbing and are an indictment on societal decency,” said Edmund Rice Education Australia executive director Dr Craig Wattam.

“All of us – schools, families, and the broader community – must carefully consider and revisit issues pertaining to sex education. 

“More specifically, sexual consent education is required for both young men and women and we need to be providing this education in early adolescence.” has also reached out to Carey Grammar School for comment.

To sign the petition, visit Ms Contos’ new website


The Qld private schools named on rape culture website revealed

March 05, 20215:01 pm

Stephanie Bennett | The Courier-Mail

Queensland’s most prestigious boys’ schools have been rocked by graphic allegations of rape and sexual assault committed by current and former students, with private school girls publishing shocking claims online.

Allegations against Brisbane Grammar School, Brisbane Boys’ College, Toowoomba Grammar School, Nudgee College, St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, Anglican Church Grammar School and St Laurence’s College students are among the thousands of testimonies posted on a viral petition calling for earlier education on sexual consent.

Petition creator Sydney student Chanel Contos’ call for victims to share stories of sexual assaults perpetrated by all-boys’ school students in an effort to highlight “rape culture” has resulted in more than 4000 responses from across the county.

 Chanel Contos launched a petition and website which was flooded with allegations of rape and sexual assault by private school students. Picture: Instagram

Ms Contos said distressing stories from Queensland girls quickly flooded in after the petition was shared widely on social media.

One posted by a former All Hallows’ student alleges she was raped by a boy from the prestigious St Laurence’s School in Brisbane, while a second All Hallows’ student claims she was coerced into losing her virginity to a Churchie boy and woke up “covered in blood”.

 A number of former All Hallows’ students claim they were raped by boys from Brisbane private schools. Picture: Supplied

Another wrote there were “multiple occasions with various students from St Laurence’s and St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace – I learnt the hard way about consent.

“I was raped and left in the dark, bleeding between my legs as I was robbed of my virginity. “It was painful and I didn’t tell anyone because I was ashamed.”

A claim by a former Stuartholme student alleges she was raped at a party by a Terrace student.

“Everyone at that party including my ‘friends’ at the time let me get drunkenly led into that room and no one did anything to intervene,” the post states.

Another Stuartholme student wrote she was coerced into having sex by an older boy and “eventually gave in”.

A post claiming to be from a former St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School student alleges she was raped in Year 9 by a Year 10 Nudgee College student.

“Immediately after the assault I told a friend and she slut shamed me and told me I was ‘too drunk’ and asked ‘what did you expect’,” it read.

St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace College at Spring Hill. Picture: Supplied
St Laurence’s College in South Brisbane. Picture: Supplied

A fellow St Aidan’s student wrote she was “digitally raped” at a school dance by a Brisbane Boys’ College student while his friends laughed.

Ms Contos said while the majority of responses to her petition referenced private boys’ schools, she believed similar stories were happening “in every school in Australia”.

“But the issue is heightened in same sex schools because it’s not an adequate representation of reality,” she said.

“You often only see the opposite sex on the weekend, when the main goal is having a story to tell on Monday.”

Ms Contos said while she had been in touch with politicians from New South Wales and Victoria in regards to the disturbing nature of the allegations, no one from the Queensland government had yet attempted to contact her.

Headmasters and principals expressed their horror at the allegations, and said they were committed to enhancing programs focused on educating their students on consent and respectful sexual relationships.

Brisbane Grammar School headmaster Anthony Micallef
Churchie headmaster Dr Alan Campbell

Brisbane Grammar School headmaster Anthony Micallef yesterday wrote to parents he was “appalled” by the accounts.

“While every school has programs to educate students about respectful relationships, drugs and alcohol, and the issue of consent, every parent and educator fears that young people may still make terrible decisions that have lifelong consequences,” Mr Micallef said.

“The traumatic experiences the young women describe in the online petition, and the behaviours perpetrated by young men, suggest this issue is ongoing and must be addressed.”

Churchie headmaster Alan Campbell also issued a letter to parents, stating as a boys school they had a “special responsibility” to educate boys to grow to be good men who will respect women and men equally.

He said sexual consent was taught and discussed in Year 9 and Year 12.

Brisbane Boys’ College at Toowong. Picture: Facebook

Toowoomba Grammar Headmaster John Kinniburgh commended the girls for “standing up and speaking out.”

“No person, regardless of age or gender, should ever be subjected to unwanted sexual or peer group pressure,” he said.

“TGS has programs in place that teach students about respectful relationships, consent and the criminal nature of sexual harassment and assault.”

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace principal Michael Carroll said the school’s sex education began in Year 5 and 6, with consent addressed directly with Years 10, 11 and 12.

“We have been developing a stronger focus on respectful relations over the past 12-18 months at Terrace and this has been a significant stimulus to create a narrower focus around age-appropriate discussions about sex education and in particular, consent in sex,” he said.


Sexual abuse survivor wants former boys’ school principal stripped of Order of Australia award

By Lexy Hamilton-Smith

Posted Thu 18 Feb 2021 at 5:52amThursday 18 Feb 2021 at 5:52am, updated Thu 18 Feb 2021 at 5:53pm

Chris Stoker wants the former BGS headmaster stripped of his Order of Australia for services to education.(ABC News: Lexy Hamilton-Smith)

Chris Stoker is desperate to move on and find some closure decades after becoming a victim of the sick fantasies of serial paedophile Kevin Lynch.

Key points:

  • Abuse survivor Chris Stoker is campaigning for former BGS headmaster Max Howell to be stripped of his Order of Australia
  • From age 12, Mr Stoker endured years of sexual abuse by BGS school counsellor and serial child molester Kevin Lynch
  • Mr Howell died in 2011 denying any knowledge of any abuse

Every day since he was a 12-year-old boy, Mr Stoker, now 50, has relived the abuse he endured at the hands of the serial child molester, who was a school counsellor between 1973 and 1988 at Brisbane Grammar School (BGS), one of Queensland’s leading boys’ schools.

The abuse lasted for three-and-a-half years.

Mr Stoker’s older brother was also a Lynch victim — his abuse also started when he was 12 and lasted the same length of time.

Both men feel betrayed that the man whose job it was to protect them and scores of other young boys — then BGS principal Max Howell — refused to act when he was made aware of the predator’s behaviour as early as 1981.

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‘Completely failed the children’

The Stoker brothers and many others were raped by Lynch in a locked room with a red flashing light signalling no-one should enter.

Chris Stoker said he was also physically assaulted by Mr Howell during those years.

Mr Howell died in 2011, denying knowledge of any abuse.

Mr Stoker has spent several months campaigning to have the former BGS headmaster stripped of his Order of Australia (OAM) for services to education, that he was awarded on January 26, 1986.

If you or anyone you know needs help:

In 1990, Mr Howell was awarded an honorary doctorate by Griffith University.

Last October, Mr Stoker wrote to the university urging that title be revoked and the institution yesterday agreed to act, two days after being contacted by the ABC.

But Mr Howell’s OAM still stands and is easy to find on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet ‘It’s an Honour’ webpage.

“They are perpetuating his behaviour, continually recognising him for his failings for protecting children,” Mr Stoker said.

“It makes a statement that it is OK to have done those things, that it is OK to have ignored children’s pleas for help.

“Dr Howell completely failed the children who were at Brisbane Grammar School — I know at the time he accepted the award, I was being abused by Kevin Lynch.

“I relive that abuse every day of my life and I do not need more reminders of that abuse being sanctioned by our Government.”

Maxwell Howell
Dr Howell died in 2011 denying any knowledge of abuse.(ABC News)

Mr Howell was the headmaster at the prestigious school from 1965 to 1989 and was responsible for employing Lynch, who reported directly to the then-principal.

Established in 1868, BGS is a non-denominational day and boarding school for boys in years five to 12 and is Brisbane’s oldest secondary school.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sex Abuse heard allegations through Case Study 34 that in 1981 witness BQH — a parent of a student at the school — told Dr Howell that Lynch had sexually abused his son.

BQH said Mr Howell ignored the complaint and had done nothing.

Commission finds allegations not investigated

In January 2017, the commission released its findings into Case Study 34, backing that claim.

“We find that BQH told Dr Howell that Mr Lynch had sexually abused his son BQJ,” the report said.

“Dr Howell did not investigate the allegations and did not report the matter to the police or the board of trustees.

“In not doing so, he failed in his obligations to protect the safety and wellbeing of the students.

“We find that during Dr Howell’s period as headmaster there was a culture at Brisbane Grammar [School] where boys who made allegations of sexual abuse were not believed and allegations were not acted upon.”

The commission also heard allegations that at one time Mr Howell interrupted an episode of sexual abuse in the counsellor’s office and found the boy with his pants down, and called the boy a “sick individual”.

Kevin John Lynch
Kevin Lynch sexually abused Mr Stoker for more than three years.(ABC News)

The student, witness BQA, said he had been blamed for the depraved encounters, not Lynch, and he felt emotionally abandoned.

Lynch was able to play out his molestation protected by the school, which had no formal policies to investigate sex abuse allegations.

The paedophile went onto abuse more than 80 boys both at BGS as a counsellor at that school between 1973 and 1988 and then at St Paul’s School at Bald Hills, north of Brisbane, where he was a counsellor from 1989 to 1997.

In 1997, Lynch was charged with committing sexual crimes against dozens of children, but he killed himself during prosecution.

‘Abuse of dozens of children’

Last year, Mr Stoker wrote to the Australia Day Honours Committee, the Governor-General’s office and Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking the honour be removed for Dr Howell.

But in a letter from Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Ben Morton MP, Mr Stoker was told he had already been advised by the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat that the Order of Australia was a society of living persons and membership ceased upon death.

“As Mr Howell died in 2011 and is no longer a living member of the Order of Australia, the Council is unable to commence proceedings to terminate or cancel the award,” the letter said.

While Mr Stoker stared at the honour on his computer screen, he told the ABC he felt angry and betrayed.

Chris Stoker sitting at a computer in his house.
Chris Stoker says he feels angry and betrayed when the honour comes up on his computer screen on the 2020 webpage.(ABC News: Lexy Hamilton-Smith)

“I feel the Australian Government and the Governor-General’s office is perpetuating his [Mr Howell’s] part in the abuse of dozens of children,” Mr Stoker said.

“It is the removal of the recognition, and by doing so, it is acknowledging those people did the wrong thing — that they did not do what a normal, decent human being would do.

“I feel betrayed by someone who should have been protecting me.

“[Mr Howell] gets to keep his reputation, honour and his dignity, while the victims have to suffer feelings of shame and guilt every single day.”

Screen shot of Australian Honours entry - Maxwell Arthur Howell, OAM for service to education in 1986
Website entry – Maxwell Arthur Howell – 1986 Australia Day Honours List(Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet)

Mr Stoker said he first contacted Griffith University in October, requesting it revoke Mr Howell’s honorary doctorate awarded for services to education.

“At that time I was a student at the university, struggling with alcohol abuse, anxiety, panic attacks and depression caused by the abuse,” Mr Stoker said.

“I was going through an extremely dark period of my life — I was on the path to suicide, to be honest.”

Griffith University revokes doctorate

After being contacted by the ABC on Monday, Griffith issued a statement yesterday.

“Griffith University has revoked the Doctor of the University (DUniv) award conferred on Mr Max Howell AM in 1990,” the statement said.

“The decision follows the university being made aware of the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sex Abuse in relation to Mr Howell’s time as Headmaster of Brisbane Grammar School.

“The University has discussed the decision with Mr Howell’s family.”

Griffith is in the process of removing the doctorate from their official archival website.

Former school counsellor Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch sexually abused students at Brisbane Grammar School and St Paul’s School at Bald Hills during the 1980s and 1990s.(ABC News)

Honour ‘awarded under false pretences’

Another survivor of Lynch — ‘Ben’ (not his real name) — backed the calls for removal of both awards

“This isn’t ‘cancel culture’ — quite simply Max Howell should never have received these awards in the first place,” Ben said.

“Each award was given to him after he perpetrated the professional misconduct and concealed the reports of child sexual abuse in his school.

“If the facts of his professional misconduct had been known by the awards committee at the time of being nominated for the awards, the awards would never have been issued, so they were awarded under false pretences.

“It was a mistake to issue the awards and that mistake now needs to corrected.”

‘Enormous courage’

University of South Australia Professor Chris Goddard, has been working in child protection for 40 years, said he applauds Mr Stoker for his bravery.

“It takes enormous courage to do what he [Mr Stoker] is doing — to publicly acknowledge what has happened to him and that he has been so damaged,” Professor Goddard said.

“To award someone and then say you can’t take it away from them because he is dead — when it later transpires he [Mr Howell] covered up dozens of cases of awful abuse — it is just extraordinary. 

“Nothing can be that difficult — we do need cultural change.”

Former principal Dr Max Howell's name as it was on the indoor sports centre at Brisbane Grammar School in 2015.
Max Howell’s name as it was on the indoor sports centre at Brisbane Grammar School, shortly before it was removed in 2015.(ABC News)

Professor Goddard said although Mr Howell was dead, this system was “living proof that people do not care about the victim’s feelings”. 

“It is a constant reminder that ultimately [abuse victims] are low down the pecking order and to be brutal, it doesn’t really matter,” he said.

“It is another extraordinary example of us failing to take child abuse seriously.”

Professor Goddard said a letter to Mr Stoker written on behalf of Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “The safety of children is of the utmost importance to the Australian Government.”

“So one way they can demonstrate it is showing that they will punish people — living or dead people — for crimes against children and covering up crimes against children,” he said.

Professor Goddard said he was “appalled but not surprised” that Mr Stoker’s campaign had failed so far.

“But it is wrong — completely and utterly wrong,” he said.

‘I just want it to stop’

Haunted by the depraved actions of Lynch for 36 years, Mr Stoker said he would continue his campaign to see Mr Howell “dishonoured” for his contribution to education.

“Most of all I just want it to stop — the recognition of people who have done the wrong thing by children to stop,” Mr Stoker said.

“Unless we change today we are not going to change tomorrow — if we keep ignoring the past, then the future is going to be the same as the past.”

In December 2015, Brisbane Grammar School removed Mr Howell’s name from its sports centre building.

Posted 18 Feb 202118 Feb 2021, updated 18 Feb 2021


Sex and Teenage Boys

Teenage boys, Author Bmdehan (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported)

Bridget Sipera, a teacher at Camden Catholic High School in New Jersey, has been charged with sexually assaulting a male student less than half her age [1].  The two repeatedly had sex over an 18 month period.

Western society tends to view sexual activity among teens as part of the natural process of development.  We bombard teens with sexual images.  Discouraging sex seems repressive to us.

While we may be protective toward our daughters, some of us actually cheer our sons on.  Sex with a teacher is seen as the ultimate fantasy.

But there are serious dangers associated with early sexual activity.  And sex between an adult and child is as damaging to boys as it is to girls.

Risky Behaviors

Teens who engage in sex are likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors in adulthood [2].

They are more likely to have multiple sexual partners, and less likely to use condoms. This increases their chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or HIV, and having an unwanted pregnancy.

Ten million of the sexually transmitted diseases newly reported each year are acquired by young people between the ages of 15 and 24 [3].  It bears mention that the brain is not fully developed till age 25.

Sexual Addiction

Early exposure to sexual content can, also, give rise to sexual addiction [4A].

Best estimates are that 3% – 6% of American men suffer from sexual addiction [5][6].  However, women can fall prey to sexual addiction, too.

Sexual addiction can destroy relationships, compromise finances, and contribute to criminality.

Typically, sexual addiction is characterized by one or more of the following [4B]:

  • compulsive masturbation;
  • reliance on pornography and/or prostitutes;
  • an endless succession of meaningless sexual encounters;
  • use of fetishes in place of human interaction;
  • voyeurism/exhibitionism; and
  • sexual sadism or masochism.

Addicts persist in these behaviors despite the negative consequences.

In an attempt to better understand the underlying causes, some psychologists classify sexual addiction into categories [6].  These categories help explain why certain individuals are more susceptible to sexual addiction than others.  The categories can overlap.

They are:

  1. Biological – Most sexual addiction has a biological component. Where the biological component is predominant, fantasy can  supersede or replace relationships altogether.  Triggers must be identified and carefully regulated, so that the brain can be retrained to new neural pathways.  A sponsor who will hold the addict accountable for lapses can be beneficial.
  2. Psychological – This form of sexual addiction is a reaction to childhood abuse or neglect.  As many as 80% of sex addicts may fall into this category.  For them, sex has become a maladaptive means of self-soothing.  Their underlying psychological pain must be addressed before a healthy self-image can be re-established, more appropriate means of coping substituted, and the addiction overcome.
  3. Trauma-Based – This form of sexual addiction is the direct result of sexual trauma in childhood or adolescence.  Trauma drives the repetitive behavior.  To heal, the addict must first make the connection between such trauma and his/her acting out.  Suppressed feelings surrounding the trauma must be explored and resolved.
  4. Mood Disorder – Sexual addiction can co-exist with anxiety and depression (as well as lead to those).  Teens and young adults may use sex as a way of “managing” their mood disorder, and find themselves addicted to the sexual response.
  5. Spiritual – This form of sexual addiction is an attempt to fill an emptiness inside only God can fill.  As the philosopher/mathematician/scientist/theologian Blaise Pascal put it, “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing but only by God the Creator, made known through Jesus Christ.”

That sexual addiction is a challenging and tenacious disorder does not absolve sex addicts of the harm they inflict on others.

We owe our sons better.

[1]  6 ABC Action News, “Camden Catholic High School teacher charged with sexual assault” by Trish Hartman, 8/27/20,

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Increasing CSA or Identified Criminals?

Recent PMSA Resignation

To our growing CSA Victims, Survivours, Family-Friends & Viewers – it’s becoming clearer even from our small GPS SEQ ‘school families’ that our own backyards may hold memories not worth repeating. Alike the political alternate halves of government, society is subtly influenced by the class ecosystems of its noteworthy educators. ‘Pedagogues’ is another term known by some elites, who continue to believe that their own children won’t be effected.

Giving voice to the voiceless

At this point in time COVID19 is the ‘blind messenger’, where anyone may fall victim when exposed. Quarantines are necessary, yet entire school (Institution) wise is quite unachievable. This is where each state government has formed an updated Act to restrict the earlier ‘playgrounds’ of most Pedophiles-Criminals. Unfortunately some continue to practice, having slipped through the system. Inevitable, yet expected. Our concerns include what will we do with them, how will our minor students continue to achieve the greatest teachings and will there ever be an answer to when this (‘utopian’) idea can be had?

SOON : Why Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse Don’t Disclose …

6 major reasons, why adult CSA Survivours may not speak out …

Growing Public GPS Cases

BGS, GT, BBC, ACGS, NC, IGS & TSS, … BSHS & TGS seem to be ‘saved’?! Each of the other Private Schools/Colleges within Queensland’s GPS competitions have been dealing with higher amounts of CSA, than comparative (coed) Brisbane State High & TGS. Perhaps changes in some of the previously same-gender schools/colleges have allowed for coed into early years, avoiding how male/female only has involved increases in CSA occurrence(?).

Similar to allowance of low-SES culture into Private Schools/Colleges, disbanding these permissions has been introduced at some of these locations. There may have been rises in some International Students. Has this solved the situation, or ‘moved the target’? Again, time will tell – yet any responses from our readers is WELCOME! What’s more precious, reputation of the school, or safety of our children?

RCbbc Blog eNews – prelaunch!

With the anticipation, similar to days before birth of a first child, another form of publication will soon be released. From our smaller presence in earlier days of the 5 yr Child Abuse Royal Commission (CARC), the need to ‘join the dots’ began to call out. Hopefully, with the increased-global visitors of our RCbbc Blog, we’re now able to Share another media: Newsletters! eNews are becoming a greater extension of the 247 work-cycle, allowing wider varieties of audio, visual, text & combinations of media to be exchanged. A business plan is still being developed, yet many feel that these swapping of ideas is helpful.

Church-hopping and School-swapping

Although Australia’s 2013-17 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse didn’t result in many instant actions, it has begun longterm changes. Depending on how confident families are on their own decisions, many church-dependence relationships have been reassessed. Catholic Cardinal George Pell’s ‘fall from grace’ (Court Imprisonment and 4Corners ‘Guilty’) is making huge impact globally.

Gone (it would seem) is much of the previous basis for ‘trust’ in the phony and double-sided preachings of church preaching. Ironically, many Private Schools share a similar defensive nature to that of church legality, often spending more on legal Defense and Private Settlements, than having actual truths publicly revealed.

Church-hopping and School-swapping are so absurd, that they should not still be happening in broad sight. Yet, unfortunately they are. This is where our RCbbc blog can team-up with other Old-Boys/past Students-Families to help you deal with these hidden facts.