Brisbane Abuse Survivors Meetup has started, from Meeting with multiple CSA Survivors of BBC.

Contact has been made with interested people from Qld Police CPIU. If you’re able to speak with them of personal matters, these details can be provided to you.

Starting with a collection of Child Sex Abuse matters of BBC (Toowong, Qld) Students, by Anthony (Kim) Buchanan and Michael Golding. Lloyd has been mentioned as a similar ‘Change-in-Employment’ situation. Updated mentions will be given, of any later details.

Purpose of this site is to gain confirmation (via anonymity). Supporting this, we share awareness, education + information.

After the initial Launch of this site for public viewing, responses had been made re: Perpetrators within other schools. Ipswich Grammar School (IGS) had employed Anthony (Kim) Buchanan, leading to Survivors of this to be included.

Always updating how information of others are Shared, no responsibilities can be possible, as taken from republishing of provided info (public availability). As such, ages of current minors (under 18 yrs) will be suspended until relevant age is reached.

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  1. As an advocate for previous students of BBC (‘Old Boys’), the purpose of this Online resource is to collect information for the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission. Updates will be made ASAP and published, where able.

    A request is made for viewers of this site to Share with their Family, Friends and any BBC contacts.

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