Overlapping similarities

Something that becomes easier for some victims/survivors/oppressed/bad-eggs/outcasts to see is the hidden-truth, the dry wit, the ‘adult humour’, “things only grownups understand” that they innately become both aware of & exposed to during their youth. I wanted to post this immediately after recognising patterns in ‘She Said’. Many of the power+control methods exposed by this great work also reflect/mirror dynamics they continue throughout Institutions-Corporations-Society’s-Families & personalities.

While Harvey Weinstein’s ‘imprisonment’ has triggered off other moments, reminders give hope to other truth’s being exposed.

Promising Young Woman, 2021.

Many other ‘parallels’ appeared to me, which I gravitate to. It’s not about whether it’s popular to others, it’s whether it’s meaningful to me, another was Spotlight which brought up reminders I was exposed to on a church youth camp! How blessed were we?!

Spotlight, 2015.

3 thoughts on “Overlapping similarities

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  2. Uncovering of Central/South American church (Binge) tweets & Share other related-translations. Western churches closing, yet “preaching to non-English (poverty:NEEDY) countries: I.E. African & Asian … 🤦‍♀️ It’s obvious to some surviving-victims that these same techniques were used on our poor & needy neighbourhoods …

    Unveiled part 1, was astonishing in the way survivors of Mexico’s La Luz del Mundo (MLDM) seem to continue much of what was heard &/or experienced by some in Australian churches + church events. “In the name of god” quickly lost its believability, once the same preachers were caught out for committing the same ‘sins’ they warned against in that same week!

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