Sons of Narcissistic Mothers (SoNM) – a life of struggle and pain

12 March 2022 by Carla Corelli

Do you know someone who is the son of a narcissistic mother? If so, then you should know that the sons of narcissistic mothers usually have a very difficult childhood. This is because a narcissistic mother feels a very strong need to control her son, and she will do whatever she can to make him into her perfect image.

The damage this does to her son can be significant, and it often affects his future relationships with women. Thankfully, there are now several online communities who support survivors of narcissistic abuse, and they offer invaluable support and advice.

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Is the son the scapegoat or the golden child?

The way a narcissistic mother feels about her son will depend on whether he is the golden childor the scapegoat. The golden child is the one who meets all of her expectations and makes her look good to others, while the scapegoat is the one who constantly disappoints her and makes her look bad.

If you are the son of a narcissistic mother, it’s important to understand which role you play in your narcissistic family. This will help you to better understand why you feel the way you do, and it will also give you some clues as to how to overcome these feelings.

SoNM – The damage done by a narcissistic mother

The damage that a narcissistic mother can do to her son is immense. She may make him feel like he is never good enough, and she may constantly criticize him. She may also make him feel guilty and ashamed of who he is. All of this can have a profound impact on the way he sees himself, and it can lead to a lot of emotional pain in later life.

The future for sons of narcissistic mothers

The future for sons of narcissistic mothers is not necessarily bleak. There are many men out there who have overcome the challenges that they faced during their childhoods, and are now living happy and successful lives. However, it’s important to realize that this won’t be easy, and it will require a lot of hard work and determination.

If you are the son of a narcissistic mother, then I encourage you to seek out help and support of other SoNM adults who grew up in narcissistic families like yours. There is strength in numbers.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need it – it can make all the difference.

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