Upcoming NRS ”Apologies”

As I have been speaking with a close support-team, I’m starting to sketch out what I’d expect for both BBC/PMSA + Qld Baptist Church/QB to say (“a direct personal response”). As my car accident had been linked with these memories, I’ll be requesting ’under special circumstances’ recordings to be made. I’ll keep you informed …

Finding the right Counsellor may take time, yet when you do it can make needed impact. As I had attended BBC under an OCA award, there may be inclusion of this. Perhaps a seperate ’Apology’ will be needed…

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  3. As Boys Brigade had been involved with a matching impact of church hierarchy, an additional NRS “Apology” will be arranged with their Institution. Child Sexual Abuse should not occur, particularly via tax-free ‘in the name of GOD’ ☂️ bodies.

  4. From – https://sdbcrc.wordpress.com/2022/05/14/the-plot-thickens/

    royalcommBBC and @royalcommbbc

    Neglect / negligent treatment | ChildAbuse

    The World Health Organization (#WHO, 2006, p. 9) defines #childabuse and #neglect as: All forms of #physical and/or #emotional ill-treatment, #sexualabuse, #neglect or negligent treatment or commercial or other exploitation, … (1/2)

    … resulting in actual or potential harm to the child’s #health, #survival, #development or #dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power. (2/2) | #childsexualabuse #who

    #Neglect / #negligenttreatment is something that should never have happened. Particularly, when used as a “learning tool” for 1st borns. Only when later children are raised ‘better’, by not exposing them do these ‘godly folk’ change their practices: Nothing to see here – move on!

    RETRIEVED via @treacl + @royalcommbbc tweets (May 2022).

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