Lid comes off …

Indeed, now does feel like an important moment to make comments on ‘lid comes off’ re: child sexual abuse. There’s becoming greater awareness that conventional phrases like “none of that will happen in my school”, is as as trustworthy as a counterfeit note. Secrets, which have remained hidden for decades of corruption, are becoming known publicly to wider audiences. Thanks to CARC (Final Report 2017) outcomes, changes in State Laws included (Qld given): requirements of mandatory reporting accompanies the Child Protection Acts –

  • Child Protection Regulation 2015
  • Child Employment Regulation 2015

  • Commonwealth of Australia. (2017). Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Final Report: Preface and executive summary.
  • Cosgrove, Sir Peter. (2017). Letters Patent. (Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia)
  • Qld Government Parliamentary Council. (1999). Child Protection Act. Q-Print, Brisbane Australia.

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