Uncertainty of public discussions

As a result of various threats, warnings & suggestions – any conversations from any of these public RCbbc Blog posts must be kept private. Following recent advice I’ve personally been given, discussions had with Bob Atkinson, other RC staff & relevant experts in the trade – parts of the previous public posts/messages may have to be removed. These same topics will then be continued privately, which I hope will allow the growing awareness to continue.

In a diplomatic use of often external, yet slightly-related media, it’s been hoped that through these uses reminders, parallels

  • Reminders,
  • Parallels,
  • Suggestions,
  • Similes,
  • Other extra topics …

May be influenced in our SHARED RCbbc Support Group. While we’ve never intended to show vengeance, or disregard, or damages to the BBC Institution – these may be a common result for numerous Victim-Survivours, Family’s, Friends, and others in their related communities. All that our RCbbc can do is suggest that your choice of National and State Support Services be contacted!

Finding help &  support
Contact & support | Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

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