Intermingling of Institutions

As suspected throughout the lifespan of many CSA Victims, although each “Institution” operates within their own (secret) Rules/Bi-laws/Conditions – they should each ensure the “care & protection of the children, minors (under 18 yrs) & those in their care” (Qld Gov Acts). Throughout the existence of these Institutions, there have been heightened occasions of single + multiple CSA.

GPS Qld Schools, TSS & BSHS not suspected/identified.

During the recent “Growing Public GPS Cases” a wider audience was achieved, allowing for additional Posts to be noted. In “GPS Growth & Ongoing Impacts”, listing these Posts gave a pattern of Topics at the top of Visitor’s interests. Through discussions with fellow CSAS Survivours, Journalists & QPS CPIU Officers, typical CSA ‘rumours’, ‘secrets’ & ‘gossip’ should surely be dealt with. Although CSA (& Power-plays) continue to occur, the chance of ‘nipping-it-in-the-bud’ is now quicker & easier to achieve.

“Nip it in the bud!” shirts

Although ‘Join-the-dots’ had often been used in a creative sense, after review of the CSA patterns forming amongst Institutions of Education (Schools, Colleges & Universities), Religions (any denomination), Social/Sports (group/team-based), or Professional (e.g. Courts) – a common pattern is obvious: “control leads to more control”. Solution is to ‘Lead more, control less’; Easy to say, difficult to achieve.

‘Lead Through Trust, NOT Control.’

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