GPS Growth & Ongoing Impacts

During the 1st few days of the Promotion of our “Growing Public GPS Cases”, the large jump in Visitors has been largely the result of Facebook Adverts, yet there have also been lifts in the particular Posts of Visitors.

While there was a notable lift in Visitors, there has been an occasional increase in visits to other CSA-related issues:

GPS’s growing count

Dubious BBC Staff

Pick the spot … 🤔🤫😱!

Nick Lloyd’s ongoing Court/CPIU Proceedings

• Intermingling of Institutions (future release)

• Anthony) Kim Buchanan : BUTCH•

▪ Helplines 📞 📱 <updated to include: BlueKnot (prev. ASCA)>

+ re-Blogged : treacl + sdbc WP

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