Growing Public GPS Cases

BGS, GT, BBC, ACGS, NC, IGS & TSS, … BSHS & TGS seem to be ‘saved’?! Each of the other Private Schools/Colleges within Queensland’s GPS competitions have been dealing with higher amounts of CSA, than comparative (coed) Brisbane State High & TGS. Perhaps changes in some of the previously same-gender schools/colleges have allowed for coed into early years, avoiding how male/female only has involved increases in CSA occurrence(?).

Similar to allowance of low-SES culture into Private Schools/Colleges, disbanding these permissions has been introduced at some of these locations. There may have been rises in some International Students. Has this solved the situation, or ‘moved the target’? Again, time will tell – yet any responses from our readers is WELCOME! What’s more precious, reputation of the school, or safety of our children?

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  2. Greater Public School

    GPS does stand for ‘Greater Public School’ but refers to elite private schools. The reason is because the term comes from Great Britain where originally there were government run schools and also schools which had been started by church charities (nongovernment) which anyone could attend… (from Google)

  3. Shockingly + expectedly, this GPS Post has made quite an impact. Anything involving the male-majority of BGS, GT, BBC, ACGS, NC, IGS & TSS – cannot help but raise attention. It’s not to ‘score points’, but to raise awareness of the broader ‘hegemonic’ (he predominance of one state or social group over others) influence. Particularly of elite over lower classes. Whether this be a demonstration of class-imbalances, help is available!

    This is a purpose of this RCbbc Blog. Please view, share & comment on anything!

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