Support Services (Royal Commission)

Royal Commission understands that making contact with us can be very challenging for survivors.

Speaking out can be an important personal step, but it can also bring up mixed feelings such as relief, elation, disappointment and grief. Sometimes it can bring up strong emotions about the abuse you suffered, like anger, distress and fear.

It may be the first time you have told anyone about the abuse, or it may bring back memories which are very hard to deal with. If someone has supported you in the past you may find you may want to connect with them again for help.

Alternatively, if you need help to share your story or to cope with the feelings you are experiencing, a list of support services who can assist you is provided in this booklet.

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  1. I never thought this possible, but having found my printed booklet from 2013 I felt a mix of emotions-flashbacks when I produced this repost. With many versions of this now online, it does give a reminder of what ‘holding memories in your hand’ can mean. I hope that it gives support + confidence to others to speak with the localised choices, listed at or .

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