“Brave New World” … ?!

After Australia’s July 2020 weekend of ‘Black Lives Matter’, ABC’s Afternoon Briefing had Patricia Karvelas interviewing US Prof. Goff (sp.?). For many Survivours of Child Sexual Abuse, much of these debates have carried the same passion as what we’ve felt throughout our lives. Ignorance & turning attention away from are even spoken against in the bible. School lessons. Child care. Sports practice. School camps. A pattern forming…?

Black Lives Matter


News of Jeffery Epstein also forms ‘front page news’, including parts of the British Royal Family, upper levels of US & International society. At the targeted end of this game are low income, low SES (socio economic status) population & young adults/teenagers. Suitably, Australia’s Judicial System has begun to publicly deal with more allegations following 2013-17 CARC. Highest of these has been George Pell. Sound familiar…?

From the topics presented since 2013, this RoyalCommBBC.blog has aimed to republish noteworthy journalism, factually-based info & ‘the other side of the coin’ POV. We don’t claim to be a Journalistic Reference to prove legal data; it isn’t to be used as an excuse or a bet; links can be arranged with suitable portals, where need be; as are related channels, following earlier BBC involvement of later ‘guilty’ Nudgee College staff. A later post will be arranged re: queries of Overlack. Seems too surreal…?

2 thoughts on ““Brave New World” … ?!

  1. As I have had communications closed with my earlier family & extended ‘church-family’ for many years, I am grateful that the removed & legalistic discussions with Counsellors, Psychologists and Legal bodies have helped me see clearly through the continued, confusing & distracting ‘mist’. Ironically, was not the NT story of Jesus aiming to protects the disadvantaged from wrongful laws & taxes? Yet, it appears that some previous industrial experiences of political & retail may be imbalancing the apparent etchings of JC.

  2. Curiousity has had the better of me, with ‘churches are propaganda centers’ appearing amongst recent online searches. With an important phase in my NRS Application being planned, I am also making notes to the side of paperwork I’ve just collected. Planned discussions with a senior legal person within the NRS framework, has had me preparing for this final discussion before my case gets lodged with Blue Knot & knowmore. As I

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