Elite schools ‘cavalier’ about child abuse

Sian Griffiths and James Gillespie

Sunday January 15 2017, 12.01am GMT, The Sunday Times

Simon Ball was found guilty of sexually abusing girls at Giggleswick

More than 35 public schools have been embroiled in sex abuse allegations in the past three years amid claims that the private sector has been adopting a “cavalier” attitude to the problem in order to ­protect its reputation.

An investigation by The Sunday Times has also found:

● Suspect teachers have been allowed to leave and been given refer­ences helping them to teach elsewhere rather than face investigation

● Schools have been refusing to tell parents or pupils that an investigation is under way because of “confidentiality”

● Schools have demanded gagging clauses in compensation settle­ments to prevent damage to their reputations.

Lawyers specialising in abuse cases warned last week that safeguarding practices in the private education sector were still too lax and one called


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