Further St.Kevins likeness … BBC?

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RoyalCommBBC How much does this info remind others of past schooling, or as past enrolling? These amounts of public notices, continues to impact society. Throughout Australia + our world.1

CH It was scarily familiar to my experience at BBC in the 1990’s. Shockingly so actually.

RoyalCommBBC Golding was my BBC ‘playlist’, too. Anytime to talk, is a worthwhile way to start ‘venting the stresses’ (that have often been hidden for decades). Some (e.g. family) may be so conditioned, that even they will deny that anything wrong had occurred, but this is when Victims/Survivours must defend their own rights.

RoyalCommBBC Golding (+ perhaps others) was known to follow a repeat-pattern of screen/review/glean/target. This is an example of “repeat offender”. There had been WOM, that he was tried/found-guilty yet his death had closed further discussion. Cheers, if you’ve started up another! (Planned repost in https://royalcommbbc.blog/statements/)

CH The worst was the way his departure from BBC was hushed and not an inkling of checking if any students had been abused etc just a literal mentality of ‘gossip and rumours about people is wrong’ and ‘protect the schools reputation’. I can remember being told this in band practice 1st day back after he disappeared from the school over a holiday break. School had a replacement head of music already there from England so they obviously knew enough to plan ahead yet we were all told nothing. Parents and students alike.

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  1. Together, with some of the other Newspaper + ABC Articles a clearer pattern of the widespread show of power is being made obvious. Each location, for each generation, may have a specific – or larger groups of CSA Predators. They may attack certain children on their own, exchange suggestions with other Attackers, often retelling past experiences in a ‘story tale’ to mask their bragging, whilst being protected by their Senior ‘facilitator’.

    Each of these are ‘sins’, breaches of laws, breaking codes, which hypocritical use of church-beliefs proves another double-standard. As their CSA experiences give them a power boost, boasting lasts until the next victim.

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