#4corners exposing ongoing Elite CSA …

@Milliganreports Sounds like you’ve pulled (another) #4corners ace out, 2nite! Elite schools everywhere may have this common trait. Bravo 🥳

4corners airing 17 Feb 20

2nite’s #4corners : #BoysClub! (SYD, VIC, SEQ … Elite). Perhaps #SchoolHopping is included in these releases, yet Louise Milligan may have other items to focus on … Already appearing in prelim. tweets, CSA data +/or CARC Hearings:

  • GPS Schools in Qld
  • Boarding Schools (throughput Australia)
  • Scots/Knox/Trinity/St Ignatious (NSW)
  • St Kevin’s + others : see below … (VIC) : PROTECT
Child Protection and Child Safe Standards (PROTECT)
Information and advice on how to protect children, create a child safe environment, identify and report signs of abuse.

Sometimes it takes extra focus, like this (Milliganreports + 4corners) to bring repeated realities before our eyes. Understandably, there’s an anger/regret that these News pieces reveal however with our current age of 24 hr cycles – something else will soon sway our attention away.

St Kevin’s is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of what should be uncovered. #ChildSexualAbuse has been ingrained into many institutions’ heritage + will require drastic steps, far beyond Insurance payouts to resolve. Evening up with female leadership is one step, matching a fairer-compasionate workforce. Stay tuned for 10-20-30 yr Reviews.

TheAge’s “Schools, creches, charities ordered to get insured for child abuse compensation” piece in Feb 2019 may not be that far off reality.

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  1. Before tonight’s streaming of #4corners, there’s been many discussions with Louise Milligan (@ MilliganReports). Already, she says “current #StKevins parents say to me today that after discovering the news about the references they they will be “taking action to have [Headmaster] Russell and [Dean of Sport] Travers removed. Both are not fit to be around kids”. These are the kinds of sharp-striking responses, Louise receives with her Walkley Award winning Journalism. Michael Rowland had earlier tweeted: It will be very interesting to gauge the response tonight (and tomorrow) of #StKevins parents and Edmund Rice Education Australia (the body that runs this school). @Milliganreports #4corners

    #ABCNews is keeping with its high standard of Journalistic repertoire! @mjrowland68 + @Milliganreports

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