Ipswich Grammar School

In joining the growing list of SEQ’s GPS Private Schools, Surviving Students from IGS have begun contact. Damages Claims have begun for Anthony (Kim) Buchanan & Clive Morehead. In joining other GPS secondaries, indeed ‘the plot thickens’, as SEQ highlights how concealed Pedophiles were, with their targets.

Anyone who knows of any Children, Students, Family, Friends or other are invited to help Share their story…

7 thoughts on “Ipswich Grammar School

  1. If anyone needs a first-hand account regarding what Clive Moorhead was capable of, give me a shout. I wasn’t a student at any of the schools you’re discussing, but will gladly back up any claims anyone has regarding accusations against Moorhead. (I was a private piano student of his for several years in my early teens, and have a very clear memory of his methods re: grooming etc. and was myself involved in an ongoing long-overdue case against him with the police when he died.) Though a superb musician, Clive Moorhead was the worst kind of person – the world is a better place without him in it.

    • Demis, thanks for bravely coming forward to share your experiences with (IGS) Clive Moorhead! More of these CSA Predators’ vile habits are becoming known, which can be helpful to the Victims to come forth to make NRS Claims. Grooming seems to have been everywhere!

      I’ll be in contact ASAP, after an appt today. I do have some helpful coping booklets I can post out / publicly meet up?

      Cheers, TonyA

  2. There may be errors in my 1st answer. Buchanan’s Police Arrests & Court Imprisonments were following his ‘sudden-removal’ & school-swapping from BBC. That was early 1990’s (91 or 92), despite BBC speaking no truths then, they may have changed their responses now. (Similar to hidden Church-swapping?)

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