Survivors and Solicitors

Survivors of child sexual abuse, who courageously gave evidence to The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, are now torn between applying for compensation through the Redress Scheme and/or launching legal proceedings against the perpetrating organisations. Neither pathway is easy and neither has a guaranteed outcome. Historical child sexual abuse cases are notoriously difficult…
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Acknowledge the legal process will trigger trauma symptoms

Gather a support team

Commit to a rigorous self-care plan

Engaging a solicitor

Key points to remember when working with a solicitor


Supporting Survivors



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  1. The link to Anne’s full Article is after the Read on … LINK (1st paragraph). This Article was recommended, as it particularly answers the main questions that CSA Survivours have – when taking things to the next level. Past Students from your school, or this Support Group can be added to your Support – just let us know!

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