Wikipedia – Crimen Sollicitationis

Read at your own behest. Technicalities of how Catholicism continues in its mischievous ways.


2 thoughts on “Wikipedia – Crimen Sollicitationis

  1. From this, it seems apparent that 5/6 Popes from 1922 have kept in place a Catholic rule to internally deal with improper matters. External Police-Judicial involvement wasn’t required. All this was done seperate to Monopoly’s ‘Skip Jail’ Card! Then in other news, Catholics are claiming they haven’t changed their rules since time of Christ/St. Peter … Question is, who’s playing who for fools?


  2. Sorry, any Body’s/Church’s/Institution’s make their own rule changes NOT as the pleas from a god/deity, but for their own Members interests. Up until 1922 the same Catholic rule was to turn them over to police authorities…

    Notice the change & who were now being protected, ‘in the name of god’?


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