School removes the name of a Christian Brother from one of its buildings

  • By a Broken Rites researcher, article posted 1 April 2017

Some victims of Catholic Church sex abuse are forcing the church authorities to stop honouring a particular priest or religious brother because of sex-abuse allegations. In the latest example, a prominent Brisbane Catholic boys’ school (St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace) has removed the name of a former deputy headmaster (Brother C.L. Dillon) from one of its buildings.

The building is the “C.L. Dillon Boathouse”, which houses the school’s rowing club.

St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace was founded by the Christian Brothers. It is a member of the “Great Public Schools Association of Queensland”, which includes eight high-fee private schools plus the Brisbane State High School.

Brother Charles Lorenzo Dillon taught at Gregory Terrace from 1950 to 1972. He became deputy headmaster, master in charge of the middle school, officer commanding cadets, coach of the First XV and Rowing Master. He was also active in promoting basketball. He died in 1994, aged 74

The current principal, Mr Michael Carroll, says (in a circular to parents and staff) that the decision to remove Dillon’s name has been made “following the recent receipt of information related to historical abuse allegations” against Brother Dillon.

Mr Carroll’s circular says that this information may be concerning for many past and present students and staff. He says the decision to take this action was made by the college, in collaboration with the Australia-wide leadership of the Christian Brothers.

Similar action at a Melbourne school

In 2016, Melbourne’s Xavier College (founded by the Catholic order of Jesuit priests) announced that two plaques would be erected soon at Xavier (one in the Chapel and one in the grounds) to “acknowledge the shadow of sexual and other abuse that occurred at Xavier a number of years ago.” Also, Xavier College announced that its sports complex, previously named the “Stephenson Centre” in honour of the late Father Patrick Stephenson (1896-1990), would be given a new name, because the school accepted complaints by some ex-students; that Stephenson had indecently touched them. To see more about this Xavier announcement, click HERE.

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