BBC Foundations – update

UPDATE: On the day of publication of this ‘BBC Foundations’, with the satirical image (below) the following notable jump in stats was registered: 5 visitors, within Australia, viewing this ‘BBC Foundations’-‘Dubious Staff’-‘Impressions Left’-‘Statements’ 40 times on 9 Dec 18. Now that we’re growing into other GPS locations, following the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ is highlighting patterns. (Institutions, Schools, Churches & Corruption)

Unknown what could be the size, or impact of this – Thanks must go to all the comments, queries, statements & visitors! As discussed with some successful CSA Survivours, a positive outcome is possible. Although it takes some time, involves the recall of events & their impact on your lives – feedback has been that it’s worth it.

Through the patterns that have become obvious through BBC, contact has begun with similar CSA Survivours from Brisbane Grammar School & Ipswich Grammar School. Similar News has been collected for St Joseph’s (Gregory Tce), where occasions in other (Private) schools is expected. Stay tuned, as the basis & audience may soon enter ‘uncharted waters’.

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