Growing No. ‘secrets’ becoming known

Despite the ongoing ‘protections’ on majorily Private Schools, in Brisbane & NSW a trail is becoming publicly obvious. While the restrictions of precise details (exact financial details), the appalling frequency, habits, school swapping & institutional protections of reputation over public concern is becoming clearly known.

During the development of this site for Support for Students-Families-Victims of Perpetrators from BBC, in Brisbane Qld Australia, similar (hidden-concealed) histories of BG & GT are becoming more revealed. CSA Survivours, News, International Families & various others are becoming more concerned at what had been taken-for-granted in the shocking frequency of low SES, removed ecosystem & pre-adolescent child victims.

Success is being experienced, when past matters are legally confronted & help is available. The problem exists as a human behaviour, but security of our youth should be the community’s responsibility. Not the rights of the elite ONLY.

2 thoughts on “Growing No. ‘secrets’ becoming known

    • Therapists/Psychologists call many of the impacts of Child Sexual Abuse “Complex Trauma”, as there may be multiple areas of a Survivour’s life effected: social, family, relationships, academic, confidence, concentration & sleep patterns are only a few commonly shared. Acknowledgement is a huge initial step many are still experiencing.whether their personal, family, cultural, community or social circles restrict this, it’s great you’re realising this trauma- you’re able to move ahead in other areas.

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