Puzzle pieces are starting to join together

After a series of passionate Phone calls, had over recent weeks, today marked the initial meeting of 3 of the Brisbane Admin of this RCbbc Blog! One of these Old Students has reached a Settlement, allowing enthusiasm to be shared with a more recent Damages Applicant. As current Qld Laws restrict the 3rd from Claiming additional Damages, a rewarding time was had by all. With the saying: “from little things, big things grow”, our next exchange’s will be more boosted.

1 thought on “Puzzle pieces are starting to join together

  1. Although Legal restrictions limit the details of Court Rulings, the Publicly available information is growing to quite an astounding level. As such, histories before, after & related to these (hidden) CSA events is painting an intriguing picture 🖼. Just as the wrongdoings existed ‘unseen’/‘unaddressed’ for so long, the process of these truths being known publicly has begun.

    ‘Where one door closes, another may open’

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