Fiddler update?

Of interesting note, that after the passing of (Anthony) Kim Buchanan has been confirmed, Michael Golding (music) has started to appear in Searches on this CSA-BBC site & Allan Bradley has (surpriseĀ surprise) been elevated in the Catholic Church Hierarchy.

Again, I am willing to travel to far distances to meet with any Old Collegian, for a simple exchange of ā€˜I know, I was there tooā€™ & give anyone a special LivingWell Booklet. These are kept on many CSA Survivoursā€™ bedsides, as they are particularly written for male Survival.

knowmore &Ā CARC websites have great lists of Counsellors & Supports, throughout Australia. Thereā€™s also advice about many questions you have for the National Redress Scheme!


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