Hell freezes over … ?

In the awaited days before the final report from #caRoyalComm, some of the deepest volleys have been made. Amongst the tidal wave of sexual immorality of the Entertainment Industry, no punches are being pulled with Cardinal Pell (Catholic) & Graeme Russell Lawrence (Anglican) leaders being brought before Australian Courts. Notice a pattern forming here? …



3 thoughts on “Hell freezes over … ?

  1. Hi Tony,
    Someone I know was a victim of Buchanan at IGS in 2000’s. I’m hoping he might be able to get in contact with you? I’m not sure what to expect but the offer of support from others who have faced the same evil might be of some comfort.
    Is there any news on the scum? I’ve not been able to find anything about him.

    • As horrible as what it was, it’s relieving to see you’re able to speak about it. I do have some booklets from ‘Living Well’, which I try to give to any guys & their family. I don’t know more than he started using his “Anthony” given name & (Kim), when he went on to IGS (& St Peters?). Please either message me here, eMail: treacl@icloud.com or 0410 277 791. I can bring along more of the ‘Living Well’ booklets for you to give out to other IGS guys & their families.

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