Updated, end-of-2017 aura

For all of those Survivors, Family-Friends & Caregivers of ChildSexualAbuse at BBC – it pleases me to note that I’ve recently been in contact with a Journalist, previous Old Boys’ (OCA) Staff & another Survivor. Although nothing happens ‘instantly’, particularly re: damages from CSA Perpetrators – it’s releaving to have spoken with some of those effected. It’s possibly more rewarding to help the wider-public realise some truths, which would otherwise have been hidden.

Collecting #SexualHarrassment & #ChildSexualAbuse similarities … ?!

Having personally been alerted by some specific articles of women’s ‘targetting, denials, manipulation & abuses’, I had become involved with the #HarveyWeinstein drama via #MeToo. Reflecting on this from a wider perspective, some have realised the overlapping (no pun intended)) similarities with #ChildSexualAbuse. Even though my personal legal-claims are currently removed, I’m passionate for other Surviving Adults & Families. I hope to have more discussions RE: SH-CSA matters, online or privately.