Potential Charges – (Anthony) Kim Buchanan

Although many of us are still trying to cope with the negative impact of our time with Butch, one of us has suggested that we could lay Charges on him for what was experienced at BBC. As this is expected to be seperate from individual / collective-group Claims, it has been suggested that we can lodge it together.

As Cameron Russell was willing to be our Contact for this part, please respond to him on the following details. Alternatively, I will continue to FWD any of my collected info to Cameron Russell, for these purposes.

Cameron Russell
07 3217 2416 (W)
1/41 Peel St, Sth Brisbane

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  1. This Meetup Group has since been closed. All effort is now made via this RCbbc Blog.

  2. I have just stumbled across this site, and as a border at BBC with first hand experience of Gregory Knight’s and Butch Buchanan’s disgusting behaviour, I hope BBC has taken some responsibility. Though I have moved on, I am still horrified that they put thirteen year old boys at risk and refused to acknowledge what was going on. I guess their financial gains and reputation were more important then our safety and future.

    • Paul, as hard as it was for you to have voiced your experiences with Knight & Buchanan, please take the thanks of the many other victims. Sorry for what you & anyone else had gone through. As a recent chat I had said “where was there to go, for help?” in many of these Boarding Institutions. You’re spot on, with your finding of financial gains & reputation outweighing matters that could be ‘swept under the carpet’. Under our current Qld Law, it’s with Private Damages Claims through a Solicitor ($) &/or National Redress Scheme where your financial options lie. For Counselling (age matters not), knowmore offer a range of services (legal & Counselling advice). As BBC is male focussed, I’ve collected multiple copies of Living Well’s Booklets, for easier distribution: just let me know, if you’d like to have it posted/delivered-exchanged (over coffee shop meeting)? Cheers, Tony Anstatt

  3. Tom,

    As appalling as what any Student would find the impact of adults who’ve been able to groom (harass), target & Abuse their victims – it’s a huge step that you’ve made in speaking out re: Buchan at Ipswich Gramar. In taking a wider POV of this, it seems that Buchanan followed on from ‘the dark teachings’ of Gregory Knight. This was a decade before Buchanan at BBC, which brought Graham Thomson before the Royal Commission as previous Headmaster. Of interest is that my entry into BBC began with Thomson returning as Headmaster in 1989. ‘Oh, how the wicked work in mysterious ways…’

    Unfortunately (from your final paragraph), the current Legal system allows Paedophiles more Secrecy-Privacy to hide behind. Although some Victorian Laws are changing, it seems that the National Redress Scheme is the greatest chance of getting deserved help, for now. knowmore offers particular guidance.

    Thanks, again & good luck in motivating other IGS Geaduates-Families to come forward!

  4. Does anyone know what happened to this scum bucket upon his release? I hear he is dead, good, but still not good enough. It’s one of those things isn’t it? When you knew him as a teenager (and not one of the kids he abused, thankfully) you knew there was something “off” but you couldn’t quite place it.

    He was always the “fun” teacher but in hindsight it was how the bastard groomed. He started at Ipswich Grammar the year I was in grade 8 and in hindsight you can see the kids he gravitated too, the young blonde surfie guys, and in hindsight also there are kids I am certain he was abusing. I guess that’s one upside of being the fat goth, keeps the sickos away. Gives you far more respect for the totalitarian teachers that were always distant… definitely no grooming there.

    What really really boils my blood, as a kid of 13, my brother in law (10 years my senior) told me to steer clear of him because of stories that came out of BBC. “Touch Me Buchanan” was the name that was bandied about according to him. That system really needs exposing and the facilitators that kept people like him around kids need to be held to a higher account than the sick bastards themselves.

    Hope the survivors of this prick are doing ok.

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