Dubious BBC Staff

GM Cujes – Headmaster (BBC & Trinity)

Graeme Thomson – Headmaster

Alan Bradley – (lover of caning buttocks; S&M?)

(Anthony) Kim Buchanan – Rudd & Hamilton

Michael Golding – Music

Phil Noy – Biology

Peter Overlack – Accounting

Brett Dutton – (?)

Wilfred Menting (Science)

RV Holt – (?)

David Muree-Allen – Music


26 thoughts on “Dubious BBC Staff

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  2. don’t forget Brett Dutton! He is a ped as well, convicted. Nick Lloyd is a ped. Crikey! There was nearly a dozen of them in the late 80s early 90s. Parents paying $20, 000 a year to have their kids exposed to it. BBC should compensate every single family really.

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    • John, thanks for this info! Are you (& any family) going alright? I’ve just spoken with a knowmore Senior Legal woman, yesterday & was reminded that they’re the best starting point to Report anything. A small group of BBC CSA Survivors meet regularly, out of South Brisbane area. Other avenues include Legal ($), or Counselling: ASCA, now “Blue Knot” are my preferred group & I still call/eMail them, whenever I need a lift that’s not appearing. I’ve lost contact with ALL of my family: refusal to cope with my childhood’s (hidden) CSA is a major reason… I’ll post the above details ASAP!


  3. Alan Bradley used the strap and cane in me twice in the late 80’s and he loved it! He was a real uncomfortable person to be around, (vet hands on) and loved to bend you over the desk and wack away for very little reason.

    > AB had a reputation among Rudd House boarders of arousal (protruding erections) during these (repeated) canings. It seems that there was a hidden level of BDSM amongst various levels of BBC perpetrators (e.g. Butch & Deep Heat). Bradley continued into 1990’s with their caning passion!

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    • Indeed, you’re bullseye with describing BBC alike a “pedo breeding ground”. So many parents got convinced (brainwashed?!) by his double-sided nature. My own parents started “joking with idea of sending you to Bording” 🤣😂😳. They still hide behind the very thing that Institutions couldn’t, under the RC: seems like churches go down, while preaching to beliebers not to.


  4. I just found this site.. I went to BBC in the mid 80s and have had serious mental health issues after leaving. I was expelled after becoming dysfunctional there. Id like to know who to talk to about my experiences and losses. This school ruined my family

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  5. Im looking for a conversation about my time at BBC in the 80s I was ‘taught’ by Butch, Overlack, Dutton, RV, Noy and Bradley. Im staying anonymous until I can feel who is behind this forum. I hope to hear from you. I would like advice

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    • Sorry that you’ve endured all of these ‘lessons’, from this wide range of BBC vermin. It’s great that you’ve been able to speak out about it. A close group of CSA (from some of these & others) help with this site.

      knowmore is a great starting step to speak with, as they’ve offered much Legal advice; Living Well offers handy Booklets / APPS https://www.livingwell.org.au/get-support/living-well-app/; Murphy Schmidt Solicitors provide expert help on Private Damages Claims (PMSA).

      Good luck, whichever way you go & I look forward to messaging/speaking/meeting with you. Congrats in speaking out, with truth that’s still hidden by many others. Caution (anonymity) is a natural behaviour, that comes after adolescence – when many of us were targeted before!


  6. Thanks Tony.
    I will look into the help you have suggested.
    What is CSA?
    I am curious as to your omission of RV Holt as a serial offender. Is there a reason for this?

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    • Good to hear. Sorry, CSA is a common acronym for ‘Child Sexual Abuse’. (It also starts to feel like you’re just repeating initials: distancing) Yes, although Holt was before my time, numerous other ‘Old Boys’ have mentioned him & their private encounters. Lucky, if you weren’t part of their playground, although many others seemed to ‘fill in the gaps’ …


  7. Thanks ..

    I have reached out now to Knowmore and am very happy with their approach and the kind of support they offer. Thanks for that referral.

    You know I have struggled along through my whole 20s and 30s thinking that I was responsible for my confusion, and so seeing your site and reading about the confirmations of other students and even some charges laid against some of these men brings a weight of relief to me.

    What a total nightmare that place was for me. I hated every day. It messed me and my brother up totally. Some days I would go from Swimming practice in the morning with Mentink always around, to German with the bondage fetishist Overlack, to Science with the regularly inappropriate
    teen-man Noy, then English with the very weirdly perverted Dutton, then Religious studies with the groping, disgusting RV to Rugby with the lecherous molestor Buchanan around.

    No wonder I was disfunctional by the time I was 14. No chance to fly right with all these deviants as role models. Their lessons were all vehicles for externalising their perversions and I cant believe that GThompson wasn’t in on it all. He tried to cane me once but I was sick of it by then so I just refused. I just stood in his office and stared him down. He just brushed me away. Later he expelled me and I was unemployed all through my 20s despite result of my parents hard earnt fees.


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    • It is now believed GT & Cujes after him had quite a Managerial Role, as they’ve each been mentioned in discussions with other persons (Old Boys, Legal, Police, etc). Some other ‘overlaps’ are becoming obvious, with other GPS Institutions – stay tuned. Your ‘Losses of Potential Earnings’ + ‘Reimbursements’ should be addressed in the Private Claim. After all, ‘let honor stainless be’?


    • Anonymous, I know of someone who was only 12 when my ‘Extra Curricular’ activities began at BBC. They were quite used to it, as their 1st “in the name of god” experience was during a photo shoot after their ‘Book Prize’ when they were 4. A childhood of multilayered-scriptural goodness …


      • I am not surprised by this. It does seem incredible how blatant it all was. No wonder we all thought it was normal.
        Thank you for what you are sharing Tony.
        It’s helping me begin a process I should started years ago.

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      • ‘Conditioning’ is a term used by Counsellors/Psych/’Shrinks’ to describe parts of these CSA behaviours. As many Survivors/Victims were viewed as ‘Outsiders’, who entered the ‘Elite’ scene – many of us were oblivious to the expected modus-operandi/behaviour/(silent) CSA. Whether or not not they were exposed to it, many Boarders (Rudd house) were – CSA should never occur. It seems that although we’ve had a Royal Commission, many still believe that they’re at fault. I hope this info helps you in your journey/”process”.


  8. From what’s remembered of Teacher Courses, the “Attachment” bonds is an essential trait of Child-Teacher (particularly in Early Childhood). For those students from low-SES backgrounds, travelling for hours may bring a return of these EC unfamiliarities. This may be a major reason why younger aged students, particularly seemed to be targeted.


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