Dubious BBC Staff

GM Cujes – Headmaster (BBC & Trinity)

Graeme Thomson – Headmaster

Alan Bradley – (lover of caning buttocks; S&M?)

(Anthony) Kim Buchanan – Rudd & Hamilton

Michael Golding – Music

Phil Noy – Biology

Peter Overlack – Accounting

Brett Dutton – (?)

Menting, Wilfred (Science)


12 thoughts on “Dubious BBC Staff

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  2. don’t forget Brett Dutton! He is a ped as well, convicted. Nick Lloyd is a ped. Crikey! There was nearly a dozen of them in the late 80s early 90s. Parents paying $20, 000 a year to have their kids exposed to it. BBC should compensate every single family really.

    • John, thanks for this info! Are you (& any family) going alright? I’ve just spoken with a knowmore Senior Legal woman, yesterday & was reminded that they’re the best starting point to Report anything. A small group of BBC CSA Survivors meet regularly, out of South Brisbane area. Other avenues include Legal ($), or Counselling: ASCA, now “Blue Knot” are my preferred group & I still call/eMail them, whenever I need a lift that’s not appearing. I’ve lost contact with ALL of my family: refusal to cope with my childhood’s (hidden) CSA is a major reason… I’ll post the above details ASAP!

  3. Alan Bradley used the strap and cane in me twice in the late 80’s and he loved it! He was a real uncomfortable person to be around, (vet hands on) and loved to bend you over the desk and wack away for very little reason.

    > AB had a reputation among Rudd House boarders of arousal (protruding erections) during these (repeated) canings. It seems that there was a hidden level of BDSM amongst various levels of BBC perpetrators (e.g. Butch & Deep Heat). Bradley continued into 1990’s with their caning passion!

    • You should consider reporting it to Police & knowmore (Community extent of Royal Commission issues) & claiming Compensation. There are many others in your circumstance. Other students (Rudd) were aware of their arousal, during canings (BDSM?): mine were mid 90’s.

    • Indeed, you’re bullseye with describing BBC alike a “pedo breeding ground”. So many parents got convinced (brainwashed?!) by his double-sided nature. My own parents started “joking with idea of sending you to Bording” 🤣😂😳. They still hide behind the very thing that Institutions couldn’t, under the RC: seems like churches go down, while preaching to beliebers not to.

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