Brisbane-Ipswich Support Group

Following some recent News, Calls & Messages – Living Well has been suggested by knowmore as a suitable Mens focussed Support Group & their partners, friends and family and service providers. Material is starting to be collected, allowing for small gatherings of ‘Peers’ (other guys who survived similar ordeals). So far, responses have been made by Old Collegians of BBC & past students from Ipswich Grammar School is another known location of a convicted ‘Butch‘. Together with knowmore and Living Well, support and assistance is available.

Please send a WP Message, SMS 0410 277 791 or eMail


4 thoughts on “Brisbane-Ipswich Support Group

  1. Scots College &/or Know Grammar were often mentioned by a particular Teacher as a threat-challenge to classes of earlier 1990’s. I have actually acted as Support-liaison with an ‘Old Boy’ from before this period, who was involved in an ongoing Kings Cross (‘Bat man’) rumour from this particular Teacher.

  2. After meeting with another CSA Survivor of Buchanan’s behaviours in the 1980’s, more common traits have stood out. Following a similar meet with a CSA Survivor of Secondary abuse, resulting from Buchanan’s initial abuses, there is no wonder that Institutions (Churches, Schools, Teams etc) invest more in silencing this explosive tigers-dragons-mines!

    Names of involved staff will soon be posted…

    • Dubious BBC Employees:

      (Anthony) Kim Buchanan – Rudd & Hamilton
      Michael Golding – Music
      Noy – Biology
      Peter Overlack – According (?)
      Thomson – Headmaster
      Bradley – (lover of caning buttocks; S&M?)

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