Great Public Schools Association of Queensland Inc. and Queensland Girls’ Secondary Schools Sports Association Inc (QGSSSA) will now be included in this RC Report. Following further research, numerous publications were apparent (via print, privately, online et al). As continual elements exist, they will be used in provision of the RC Report.

As numerous graduates of each of the GPS and QGSSSA schools have studied and become involved in particular industries (stated later). Messages are planned to be sent amongst past-student/Alumni groups of each of these schools (also stated later).

(images taken from Wikipedia; 17 Apr 13)

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  1. RESPONSE via Moreton Bay College (RCVD 19 Apr 13)

    By the sound of it, yes, Jane and Deb. What I am not sure of is whether since the info will be the same as that we give through the UC whether we have to send in both. I will talk to Geoff.

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