Allegations of abuse at BBC (PMSA Update)


Thank you for your communication of 11th March to Brisbane Boys’ College, advising of your intention “to notify all parties of BBC’s families (past and present, ensuring 18+ ages) that lodgement of a Report is being formulated”.

In relation to your request that your message be distributed “amongst current and previous parents (or similar)”, it is not the practice of the college to distribute material on behalf of third parties.

By letter dated 22nd February last, in response to your initial approach to the college, I made you aware of the PMSA process which is followed in relation to notification by former students of alleged abuse at the college and invited you to meet with me to discuss your allegations. To date you have not responded to that invitation..

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J McPherson 

Director, Protection From Harm Division

Chairman, BBC School Council


One thought on “Allegations of abuse at BBC (PMSA Update)

  1. Jacqueline McPherson appears to be responding as if this Royal Commission were at the same level as a Criminal Charge/Compensation matter. While these may result from fresh claims, RC operate at a vastly different level to that of Criminal cases. Previous messages sent to PMSA were to gauge details of responses by the RC Practice Guideline 3: “What happened afterwards” Q.11-29 (p.2, 2013). As refusal to provide available details “to a third person” (despite my RC Registration), provision will be sought via RC Orders.

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