Allegations of abuse at Brisbane Boys’ College (RCVD 25 Feb 13)


The lodgement of a claim by you with the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission, citing Buchanan and Golding, is duly noted.

The PMSA is concerned to assist former students of its schools who believe that they have been injured as a consequence of events which occurred at their school, and is prepared to explore various avenues for assistance. It does this without any admission of legal responsibility.

Accordingly, should you care to avail yourself of the opportunity of discussing with me, as the PMSA’s Director, Protection From Harm, your time at Brisbane Boys’ College, I would be grateful if you would communicate that desire either by mail or email to the PMSA’s Corporate Office, as previously advised. A mutually convenient time and venue can then be arranged for a meeting.

Please be assured that all allegations are treated seriously, sensitively and confidentially.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J McPherson 

Director, Protection From Harm Division

Chairman, BBC School Council

Latest (suspected) BBC Staff removal…

During a shared discussion (last evening) the unexpected removal of another BBC Staff – Lloyd (Sciences, Biology & Coach(?)) was raised. Whilst names and histories of past BBC employees are being tabled, notice has since been received by current BBC staff that queries may be made via BBC PR. In addition to annual records of “BBC Portal”, planned RC Report is forming together.

Tools ‹ Royal Commission & Brisbane Boys’ College — WordPress

Tools ‹ Royal Commission & Brisbane Boys’ College — WordPress.

Additional Educator – Golding (Music)

Following further recollection, Michael Golding – Head of Music Dept is latest BBC Staff, who had their employment Contract terminated due to Child Sex Abuse. Requests have been sent to PMSA Director & BBC HOD (Music), re: Golding’s details.


To provide details of impacts of “Child Sexual Abuse” from some of BBC’s Staff – statements will be collected in a Report, assisting in “Institutional Responses” (BBC Staff). As Tony Harewood (pref. A. Strickland) has been registered with RC as a ‘Collecting Aide’ (340607) for another Institution, this number will continue to be used.

Some past BBC peers have received an Invite (via FB), which are able to send to others.


Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission

Beginning with this formal link to “Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse”, provided is the URL for this matter. As this site’s purpose is to collect Statements from Old Collegians of the placement of (Anthony) Kim Buchanan (Rudd & Hamilton Houses).

NOTE: Continuing the Objectives of this Royal Commission, monetary claims will not be involved in this investigation. Its purpose is to collect Statements of past BBC Students of their recollection of contact with this BBC Staff (Boarding Master, Teacher, Sports Coach & Housemaster), in support of further Investigations. Should additional details or alterations be necessary – either make a Post or Message Tony Harewood.